Workshops with Lily


You always wanted to try out heels? Or maybe you’ve already taken a few heels classes, but you still lack the necessary basics to follow the choreographies in class without any problems? Then this workshop is just right for you!

In INTRO TO HEELS you will learn all the basics you need to take part in our heels classes. From walking around the poles, turns and priouettes and more complex transitions to the floor and back up again. The main focus is on the technique we need to make our dance movements look safe, clean and flowing.

Equiptment: Heels, Knee Pads



Are you already attending pole dance level 2 or higher, but feel that acrobatic basics and transitions still don’t look as clean as they could? For many who have no background in dance, it is often more difficult to make acrobatic movements look fluid and aesthetic.

In the LEGS & LINES workshop we will go through the most typical elements of a spinning pole combo (Climbs, Inverts & Shapes) and look at how we can clean them up and perfect them. We pay particular attention to the lines of our legs and feet, but also include our arms and line of sight. By understanding the correct muscle activations, we develop a new technical awareness that makes our combos look cleaner and more danceable.

Requirements: min. Level 2



35 € per Workshop