Workshops with Clotichilda


Have you just slipped into your brand-new pair of heels and find yourself feeling like a baby giraffe? Discover the technique to become confident in this workshop tailored for beginners in heels. Whether you’re new to the world of heels pole or seeking to refine your moves, this workshop introduces you to the fundamentals of dancing with heels. Learn the basics of moving around the pole (walking, pirouettes, slides, & waves) turning your heels into a seamless extension of your body. Build solid foundations for your pole journey. By the end of this workshop, you’ll have the tools to conquer your choreographies.

Equiptment: Heels & Knee Pads



Master the elusive handspring with this dedicated workshop. Whether you’re taking your first steps toward this advanced trick or seeking to refine your technique, this tailor-made experience is perfect for you. Through a combination of targeted strength exercises and progressive drills, you’ll unlock the intricacies of both true grip and twisted grip handsprings. From conquering the challenge of the ground-level handspring to gracefully ascending into the striking Ayesha position, this workshop is your aid to becoming a powerhouse.

Requirements: Strong invert & extended butterfly



If you want to tap into your sexy self, this workshop is for you! Learn how to make classy sexy pole moves look natural and effortless, while feeling comfortable around the pole and on the floor. You’ll dive into how to use your body to create curves, lines, and shapes that will captivate your audience. Learn progressions with foundational pole moves, like spins, dips, and leg work, and combine them with sensual movement to create a truly seductive performance. Be cheeky, be provocative, be whatever you want to be.

Requirements: min. 6 months of heels experience recommended



35 € per Workshop