Workshops with Clotilde

This workshop will help you tap into your body’s sensations and translate them into slinky, sinuous movements. Through a series of progressions and freestyle prompts, you’ll explore your own sensual expression and learn to savor every breath and touch. We’ll work on low flow dance sequences that you can personalize and make your own, while focusing on authentic expression and communication. You’ll learn how to connect with your sensuality and communicate it in a way that feels honest and natural.
Open to all levels that can perform a pirouette comfortably. Socks recommended. Kneepads for sensitive knees.

If you want to tap into your sexy self, this workshop is for you! Learn how to make classy sexy pole moves look natural and effortless, while feeling comfortable around the pole and on the floor. You’ll dive into how to use your body to create curves, lines, and shapes that will captivate your audience. Learn progressions with foundational pole moves, like spins, dips, and leg work, and combine them with sensual movement to create a truly seductive performance. Be cheeky, be provocative, be whatever you want to be.
Min 4 month heels experience. Heels recommended.

35 € per workshop