Muse Pole Dance aims to motivate and inspire others to grow beyond their limits and rediscover themselves in the process. In our high quality and aesthetically equipped pole dance studio we want to get the maximum potential of physical performance and dance expression out of our students. We firmly believe that this can only be achieved if we truly love what we do. That's why our classes are designed to not only challenge students physically, but also to keep the fun factor and passion for dance and movement alive.

With a motivating team of instructors and a supportive class atmosphere, we bring students, no matter their skill level, age or gender; closer to their goal with each workout. Whether you're striving to do impressive pole tricks, feel sensual or sexy, want to keep your body fit, or are just looking for something new and really fun to do, you'll find room to express yourself in your own way. Leave your everyday life behind and discover your inner muse.

Muse: A person – especially a woman – who is a source of inspiration to others