General Questions

Do I need any dance or acrobatic experience to start with Pole Dance?

No. Our Intro to Pole classes are suitable for absolute beginners with no previous experience. In this class you will learn all the basics needed to successfully start off your pole journey.

Is there a minimum level of strength or flexibility required to join your classes?

No, In our Intro to Pole classes we start at Level 0, so there are no fitness requirements. Our classes are designed for you to gradually build the strength and flexibility needed to advance to the higher levels.

If you want to accelerate your progress, you can find prerecorded training videos in our video library which will help you to build strength and flexibility from home. Apart from that, we also offer dedicated stretching classes at the studio.

In what languages are the classes held?

Since we have many international students, the majority of our classes is held in English, but most of our instructors are also fluent in German and will be able to answer individual questions in either language.

What should I wear to a pole dance class?

For Intro to Pole and Pole Dance Level 1 you should wear simple shorts and a fitted sports top or a sports bra. In our higher pole levels we recommend wearing more fitted pole wear, which you can buy at our studio shop or other pole dance shops online.

Do I have to book my class in advance or can I just drop in?

Trial classes always have to be booked in advance through our booking system. You can find all the information about your first visit here.

Registered customers may also join classes spontaneously, if there is capacity. Since our class spots are limited and fill up quickly, we generally recommend everyone to book their class about a week in advance.

The class I would like to attend is already fully booked. What can I do?

If classes are fully booked, you can always join the wait list. You will then get an email as soon as a spot opens up. Be aware that with this email notification you are not automatically added to the class. You will have to go to our booking site and book that spot yourself.

Can I bring my child/dog/friend?

To ensure a smooth class running, as well as a safe and comfortable studio atmosphere, we generally don’t allow customers to bring their dogs or infants/toddlers to the class.

Any friends that want to come with you to the studio will have to wait at the entrance area until the class is over.

Questions About Our Memberships

How exactly does a membership work?

Depending on your membership type (Star, Queen or Muse), you will get a specific amount of classes per month that you can visit. In addition to that you always have 4 extra credits per month that you can either use for Open Trainings or for prerecorded Online Trainings in our video library .

Can I collect my unused credits?

Your credits will recharge monthly and if you don’t use all your credits within one month up, they will expire. We therefore only recommend memberships to students, who plan to take classes with us on a regular basis.

How long does my membership run?

All memberships have a minimum term of 12 month. After the end of the term the membership will renew itself monthly, if not cancelled in advance.

I won’t be able to train this month, can I pause my membership?

You can always pause your membership for up to 2 months per year without giving us any specific reason. Any further extensions are only possible with a doctors note.

I feel my current membership is not working for me, can I up-/downgrade it?

You can upgrade your membership at any time. A downgrade, however, is only possible after the minimum term has ended. Please note that with every membership change a new minimum term will start.

I want to quit my membership, how do I go about it?

You can only quit your membership after the minimum term has ended. A notice period of one month to the contracts starting date applies. In order to formally quit your membership, please send us an email to team@musepoledance.de.