Get sexy with Lea Roth

Lea Roth is coming back to Berlin! The multiple Pole Sports Champion is going to share some of the hottest skills, which are there to unpack – all backed up by the years of experience she had as a Show Stripper and Performer.


Learn how to seduce your partner, date, boytoy, significant other, unsignificant other… In this lapdance workshop we’ll be working on skills for LIFE! So whenever that private dance moment comes around, we’ll be perfectly prepared! Not only will you understand how to make a lapdance work on a technical level, you will also get a very close bonding experience with the other participants and simply have an amazing time!


And what’s happening after that exciting lapdance is over? Exactly – now it’s time to strip off those clothes! In our second workshop we’ll learn how to take it all off, while looking like the baddest b*tch in town. Lea will share some tips and tricks for each of your layers and connect it all to a sexy and sassy choreography. And with those new skills you’ll also get a big confidence boost included!


50 € per Workshop