Class visits must be booked in advance via the booking system!

Intro to Pole

If you have never attended a pole dance class then this class is perfect for you. In our Intro to Pole class, you will learn the basic techniques of pole dance, from walking around the pole to the first spins, climbs and sits. It's not necessary to have any background experience, as the strength, coordination and flexibility, which you lack at the beginning, will continue to grow with each workout, just like your self-confidence and your positive body image. You can join this course at any time. After just 3-5 class visits you are ready to enter our Pole Dance Level 1 class or join one of our beginner choreography classes. This course is especially recommended as a trial lesson.

Pole Dance Level 1

In our Pole Dance Level 1 class, the basic techniques you have learned in Intro to Pole are perfected and expanded. In addition to flowing spins, dance and floorworkmoves, you will be taught how to climb the pole up to the ceiling. You will learn more complex sits und tricks and you will slowly build up the necessary strength to keep you upside down on the pole. You will be amazed how many impressive pole dance moves you can learn in the beginner course.

Pole Dance Level 2

If you feel safe in two-handed spins, can climb the pole without any problems and have mastered the basic techniques of inversions, then you're ready for Pole Dance Level 2, our intermediate class. Here the spins become more dynamic and the climbs more complex. You will learn a series of upside down tricks where you hold onto the pole by activating anchor points on your body. Of course, only with the precise instruction and assistance of our trained teachers. We'll also teach you the technique of the spinning pole, the pole that turns with you – making Pole Dance really fun!

Pole Dance Level 3

If you have made it to Pole Dance Level 3, you belong to the strong pole dancers who know no more pain! The prerequisite for this advanced course is that you feel confident in the execution of all pole dance level 2 tricks – on both sides. These include one-armed spins, as well as all 3-contact point tricks. In addition, you should be confident on the Spinning pole, even when executing longer combos. In Level 3, the tricks become more powerful and flexible. You will learn the first 2-contact point figures, such as Shoulder Mount, Ayesha and Handspring. This class will really challenge your performance.

Pole Dance Level 4

Are you ready to defy gravity and make the impossible possible? This course is only for absolute pole dance addicts who are not afraid of heights and are looking for a real challenge. You should have enough strength and endurance to perform longer and more complex combos on the spinning pole. You can do the handspring on both sides, in twisted grip as well as in true grip. Aerial shoulder mounts are no problem for you and you can do a clean split with ease. Get ready for impressive combos, dramatic drops, powerful deadlifts and maximum flexibility.

Heels Pole

You want to know how to move sensually and aesthetically in those damn high heels? You want to dance choreos that are both powerful and sexy? Then our Heels Pole course is the right choice for you! We dance on the Static Pole and very close to the floor to hot Hip Hop and Trap music. Bring your high heels and knee pads and get ready for sexy bodywaves, flowing legwork in the typical Exotic Dance Style!

Contemporary Pole

A class for all pole dancers who want to combine the basic techniques of pole dancing with lyrical dance movements. In this class we learn unique choreographies that will make every dancer's heart beat faster. Flowing movements meet expressive music. The style varies from funky to modern, from powerful to emotional. An ideal course to work on technique, musicality and expression.

Sensual Pole

Learn to move around the pole in a sexy, feminine and aesthetic way. In this class we celebrate the sensual side of pole dancing, both down on the floor and up in the air. Soft dance movements merge with aesthetic floorwork and beautiful pole combos on the spinning pole. A class for all pole dancers who want to feel sexy even barefoot. Dance with us to sensual beats and learn how to fly along the way!

Chair Dance

You want to try something new besides pole dance training? In our Chair Dance class you will learn choreographies on, with and around the chair. Expressive dance movements and floorwork are as much a part of this class as acrobatic elements on the chair. The style and the music vary again and again, from emotional to sexy to funky. Wearing leggings or stockings is recommended in this class.

Stronger every Day

You want to improve your strength and endurance on the pole to make faster progress in your pole dance level? Then this class is for you! Here we will work through a series of different conditioning exercises with the goal of improving our technique on the pole, getting better results learning new tricks, and generally lasting longer in our workouts. At the same time, we'll be burning calories at full speed, building muscle all over the body, sweating bullets and having a blast! This is a class to get your sweat on, and it's for every level!

Get Your Splits

Who wouldn't want to be able to sit in a straight splits? Or are you already ready to break all records with your over splits? No matter how flexible you already are, this class will help you expand the flexibility of your legs in all directions. This will make many moves on the pole easier. Using static and dynamic stretching exercises, we will work on both our active and passive splits. We always slightly switch the focus between women's and men's splits. With regular class attendance, you'll start to feel real differences in your body very soon!

Flexy Back

There are countless acrobatic figures for which you need a flexible back, both on pole and without pole. From the simple bridge to the needle scale, from the ballerina to the extended cocoon. No matter what you're working towards, this class will get you closer to your goal. Using active and passive stretching methods, we will work on the flexibility of our shoulders, as well as our upper, middle and lower backs. With regular attendance, you will not only feel more flexible, but also healthier, as a flexible back reduces back pain and improves your posture.

Full Body Stretch

You still feel a bit stiff when dancing around the pole and want to expand your flexibility in all directions? Then this class is just right for you! With effective stretching and mobility training, you'll feel like you can more easily master flexible movements in no time. Our active and passive stretching methods will also help you prevent injuries and get tension out of your muscles and joints. Performing the exercises in a fluid flow will give your body a new sense of ease and suppleness.

Open Training

In addition to our extensive range of classes, Muse Pole Dance also offers open training sessions. Here you can, together with other students, use the studio space freely without any instructor guidance and let off steam with your favorite tricks and dance moves. This is ideal if you know exactly what you want to work on or if you want to review the material from the last lesson. The warm-up is done independently and without the presence of a trainer.